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Bringing you holistic practitioners and alternative health activities, weaving a tapestry of workshops, seminars, classes, and sessions inspired by the timeless traditions of the world.

Last Year's Programming

Healing for Moonshadow Festival is a celebration dedicated to holistic wellness and spiritual rejuvenation. Last year, we had an array of practitioners who offered transformative experiences through various alternative practices. These included serene tea ceremonies, grounding mantra workshops, soothing Reiki sessions, invigorating Kundalini classes, enriching cacao ceremonies, and so much more.


Each of these activities is designed to nurture the mind, body, and soul, providing attendees with unique methods to achieve inner peace, balance, and overall well-being. Through these diverse healing modalities, our guests can explore and embrace holistic self-care in a supportive and like-minded environment.

Join Our Community

We warmly invite passionate healing practitioners to join Moonshadow Festival, where we celebrate holistic wellness and spiritual connection in a close-knit community. As one of our cherished practitioners, you will typically have a one-hour session to share your workshop, class, or seminar, though you can arrange for a different duration if needed. We believe in the magic of being fully present, so we ask our healers to stay for the entire weekend, immersing themselves in the festival experience.
If selected, you’ll work hand-in-hand with our Healing Director to create a unique and nurturing session that focuses on the mind, body, and/or spirit. We love trying new things and embracing innovative approaches, so feel free to bring your unique ideas to the table. All sessions will be lovingly reviewed and approved by our team to ensure they align with our festival’s heart and soul.
We offer our practitioners compensation along with a complimentary plus-one ticket to enjoy the festival. You’ll also receive special VIP perks to make your weekend even more delightful.

We can’t wait to see your application and hopefully welcome you into our Moonshadow Festival family, where intentionality meets indulgence, invigoration and inspiration.


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